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The best…

I think it was this article about the best mechanical pencil that sent me over the edge. The best pencil. The best. Pencil. WHAT? It’s a PENCIL. IT IS A PENCIL. I suppose this is the part where I say, “We’ve been using pencils for zillions of years, and they were just fine.” And really, […]

Job announcement

Want to do web work at MIT, on OpenCourseWare? Awesome job, awesome boss. More…

Trimming, streamlining…

Have you heard about what’s going on at University of Nevada at Reno? Closures: The School of Social Work and related degrees, academic programs and degrees in theater and dance, the degree major in French, the Special Collections Department within the University Libraries, and the Assessment Office. I’m especially concerned about Special Collections. As Universities, […]

Lessons learned from Texas A&M University Social Media Scavenger Hunt |

Lessons learned from Texas A&M University Social Media Scavenger Hunt | —  Wow. Just…wow! That they were able to find the time and resources to do this, bring together all the constituents, the sponsors…I can imagine this was a heroic effort. The technology is already there, ripe for the picking. It’s all about organization, […]

Professors bought out to speak out?

From Libya With Love | Mother Jones — How a US consulting firm used academics from Harvard, the London School of Economics, and Rutgers University to rehab Muammar Qaddafi’s image.

Interröbang Cartel Favorites

While I’m certainly biased about some of these Interröbang Cartel songs, I hope you’ll find some enjoyment in my selections below. I’ve made a playlist that will work in iTunes or a web browser for your ease of listening. Songs that I think are pretty good: Pumpkin, Mrs. Farnsworth – London Sharehouse Mix Love of […]

Webinar deluge

I spent much of today online in live conversations about social media. I’ll be doing two more webinars tomorrow. They’re important discussions to have, and I’m glad to be loading them all into a couple of days…then take some time to digest. The hardest part has been the presentations themselves. Most of the folks leading […]

YouTube’s Added Value

I’ve been using YouTube quite a bit lately to host shareable videos. It’s so easy, a child can use it (and clearly they do, for better or worse). But it’s also maturing into what could become an enterprise-level tool that is a lot more meaningful than videos of kittens falling asleep. It’s important to me […]

Does (not?) compute…

A few people have asked me recently what tools I use to do the web work I do. So I thought I’d do a rundown of the top apps that make me productive. In writing this, I have realized that I may, in fact, have the most boring jam-packed Dock in all of Mac-land. BBEdit […]

New tech, same as the old tech

Those of you who know me will be astounded to learn that I’m using Flash. What you won’t be astounded by is that I’m using it to caption video. I am really enjoying my new job. The people are great, the work is good, and challenging, but well within the realm of do-able. Plus, I […]