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NFC or QR on your campus?

Most of us know now what QR (quick response) codes are — those mysterious square “barcodes” that geeks scan with their smartphones to do interesting stuff, like go to a web page. You can do lots of fun stuff with QR codes! Show off your mobile-fu. You can even edit your codes, if you’re careful, […]

Watch your words

SXSW Interactive continues in Texas, and amid the announcements of party attendance, hangovers, and meetups, some insightful stuff does bubble to the top. Tiff Fehr, a smart and talented Digital Web Magazine staffer, posted about her experiences on day three of the conference. The final point she makes is an excellent one for anyone in […]

When social networks die…

I found myself saying to a colleague this morning, “Orkut has gone the way of Friendster.” We were mulling over the reasons why certain social networks last, while others go the way of the summer fling. I’ll admit it, I join every social network I see, more or less. If there’s anything particularly intriguing about […]