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Why your home page shouldn’t be redesigned by committee

What’s the first reaction most higher edders have when they hear, “Time for a web redesign”? Of course it’s often, “OK, who should be on the committee?” Consider this as an answer. “No one.” Homepage and web site redesigns need, more than anything, vision, leadership, and strategy. A committee of disparate interested parties can’t really […]


When you’re working on a web project, people are quick to point out what they hate about it, but less likely to tell you that it’s great. Today something nice happened — I and two colleagues got a recognition award from the CIO for a project we did last year. It was a pretty important […]

Projects, projects, projects…

I’m not a huge fan of doing multiple projects in parallel, but I guess that’s the way of the world. Right now, I’m banging out a few tools, including a project management interface (PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS) and a bibliography aggregator (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS), a couple of humanities projects, one involving video of […]