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Distributed maintenance is killing your higher ed web site

The guy with the ink defines you I’ve been at this higher ed web thing for a few years now (has it really been more than 15?), and have watched the landscape slowly change, from an awe-inducing grey screen peppered by a list of blue links (ah Netscape 1.0) to today’s jQuery libraries that continually […]

Reasons, goals, and teamwork

@Nick Finck says: When asked to jump, there are those who ask “how high?” & then there are those who ask “why?” Be the person who asks why. I often find, in meetings with my colleagues, that I ask why a lot. And I know that it often comes across as, “Why on Earth would […]

User interface is king

This morning, it was 68 degrees before 8 a.m. My son dressed in shorts for the first time this year. And he knew it was going to be the best recess of the season so far. But he had a paper for school (fifth grade) that he had hand-written, and needed to type up before […]

Watch your words

SXSW Interactive continues in Texas, and amid the announcements of party attendance, hangovers, and meetups, some insightful stuff does bubble to the top. Tiff Fehr, a smart and talented Digital Web Magazine staffer, posted about her experiences on day three of the conference. The final point she makes is an excellent one for anyone in […]

When social networks die…

I found myself saying to a colleague this morning, “Orkut has gone the way of Friendster.” We were mulling over the reasons why certain social networks last, while others go the way of the summer fling. I’ll admit it, I join every social network I see, more or less. If there’s anything particularly intriguing about […]

It’s all about the user, dear.

I find it interesting how web publishing so clearly mirrors print publishing. Perhaps not the advertising model — that’s still in flux in both camps — but the user model. Newspaper editors are concerned with two types of stories: the ones that the readers want to read, and the ones that the readers need to […]

The Cool Table

What do Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia; manners expert Letitia Baldrige; astronomer Carl Sagan; author Robin Cook, M.D.; Senator Patrick Moynihan; writer Molly Ivins; the late actor Tony Randall; novelist Erica Jong; and NPR correspondent Nina Totenberg have in common?

Am I a Journalist?

There’s been a good bit of discussion these days regarding journalism — what is it, who’s doing it, are bloggers ‘journalists’ — and it’s got me thinking. OK, honestly, my first thought was, “It’s a semantic discussion, and that’s stupid.” And that’s true. Call yourself what you want, people will nitpick over syntax, and I […]


It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a proper vacation — a few years, in fact. And while our upcoming trip to Banff isn’t going to be a proper vacation (two days of traveling, two days of vacationing), it’s really going to be nice to get away for a little while. Leaving tomorrow morning, […]

Better isn’t always better.

“Welcome to the Delicious Generation. Where guys who can’t get a date get drunk and argue about frameworks.” I know there’s a digital divide, and of course, I’m squarely on the digital side of it. One might say that, since I’m a programmer, and someone who loves gadgets, and someone who loves logic puzzles, and […]