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Category Archives: cool tools

NFC or QR on your campus?

Most of us know now what QR (quick response) codes are — those mysterious square “barcodes” that geeks scan with their smartphones to do interesting stuff, like go to a web page. You can do lots of fun stuff with QR codes! Show off your mobile-fu. You can even edit your codes, if you’re careful, […]

YouTube’s Added Value

I’ve been using YouTube quite a bit lately to host shareable videos. It’s so easy, a child can use it (and clearly they do, for better or worse). But it’s also maturing into what could become an enterprise-level tool that is a lot more meaningful than videos of kittens falling asleep. It’s important to me […]

When social networks die…

I found myself saying to a colleague this morning, “Orkut has gone the way of Friendster.” We were mulling over the reasons why certain social networks last, while others go the way of the summer fling. I’ll admit it, I join every social network I see, more or less. If there’s anything particularly intriguing about […]

Another awesome service

I like Macs. I really do. And I need a .Mac account for syncing my calendar and Yojimbo. But .Mac stinks. I try to keep three computers synced, and it always seems that one or more of them doesn’t sync properly. All the machines are up to date, all software on the same version, but […]

Web services that work

Remember years ago, that neat service that got a lot of press, Wildfire? It was one of those services that you could call, and it did voice recognition — a woman’s voice responded, and she was your personal assistant. But it was expensive and complicated, and the company went for enterprise-level. On the other hand, […]

Repurposing the Wii — check your car’s performance

Why not use the wiimote’s built in 3-axis accelerometers to measue g-forces, acceleration and even calculate my own 0-60mph times?


No, I don’t have an iPhone. Yes, iPhones are great and cool. I have a T-Mobile Dash which, believe it or not, is also great and cool, just in some different ways. Lots of people I know are surprised that I don’t have an iPhone yet. After having played with one a bit, I didn’t […]


Is this what Yahoo! Pipes was supposed to be? If so, it’s already better.


I’m in love all over again. 🙂 We use Subversion. There’s a remote Subversion server, and folks check out files locally and work on them and then check them back in. But if you’re working on a web project where people outside your group need to see and comment on the results of your project, […]

Pipes — Yahoo!’s AppleScript?

Yahoo! Pipes is getting a lot of press as the latest and greatest web mashup tool. OK, I’ll bite… So I went over to take a peek. First of all, the whole thing is about as intuitive as AppleScript. Which is to say, you know that it’s “simple” to use, because everyone else says so. […]