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Libraries and Tor

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on the Tor network, although I do know enough to be a somewhat-informed user. I believe that the technical assertions I make here are fully accurate, but I encourage feedback on those points. This morning, I read a ProPublica article about the implementation of a Tor network relay at the Kilton Public Library in […]

Cramming my phone bill

UPDATE (31 May 2012) – I got a card in the mail last week letting me know that there’s a class action suit against Verizon for these cramming practices. I’ll have to go and research if they’ve actually stopped third parties from doing this by default for new customers. I will admit it. Until now, […]

Must try this out…

Overstream allows you to add captions/subtitles to your YouTube or other videos. Awesome. (UPDATE: Now YouTube allows you to add captions directly to YouTube videos — see the May 2009 blog post here on the topic.)

Accessibility article

Opera developer James Edwards makes a point about AJAX and accessibility. I definitely see, and mostly agree with, his point. But one must consider the subtleties. If a particular user interaction makes a function significantly more simple for most users to understand or interact with, but it’s not accessible, the developer has to do a […]

Watch your words

SXSW Interactive continues in Texas, and amid the announcements of party attendance, hangovers, and meetups, some insightful stuff does bubble to the top. Tiff Fehr, a smart and talented Digital Web Magazine staffer, posted about her experiences on day three of the conference. The final point she makes is an excellent one for anyone in […]

When social networks die…

I found myself saying to a colleague this morning, “Orkut has gone the way of Friendster.” We were mulling over the reasons why certain social networks last, while others go the way of the summer fling. I’ll admit it, I join every social network I see, more or less. If there’s anything particularly intriguing about […]

Another awesome service

I like Macs. I really do. And I need a .Mac account for syncing my calendar and Yojimbo. But .Mac stinks. I try to keep three computers synced, and it always seems that one or more of them doesn’t sync properly. All the machines are up to date, all software on the same version, but […]

Web services that work

Remember years ago, that neat service that got a lot of press, Wildfire? It was one of those services that you could call, and it did voice recognition — a woman’s voice responded, and she was your personal assistant. But it was expensive and complicated, and the company went for enterprise-level. On the other hand, […]

Am I a Journalist?

There’s been a good bit of discussion these days regarding journalism — what is it, who’s doing it, are bloggers ‘journalists’ — and it’s got me thinking. OK, honestly, my first thought was, “It’s a semantic discussion, and that’s stupid.” And that’s true. Call yourself what you want, people will nitpick over syntax, and I […]

The Steve Jobs Intel Question Guy

Bob Keefe, a correspondent for Cox Newspapers, has taken a lot of heat for a stupid question. Stupid question? Yeah, I think it probably was, too (because who didn’t already know the answer?), but how many of you have a direct quotation from Steve Jobs for a news article you’re working on? And a great […]