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Category Archives: accessibility

Captioned radio?

From my friend Carole at CPB: Audio/visual: Adding captions to NPR to reach a text-based audience I find this wildly exciting!

YouTube’s Added Value

I’ve been using YouTube quite a bit lately to host shareable videos. It’s so easy, a child can use it (and clearly they do, for better or worse). But it’s also maturing into what could become an enterprise-level tool that is a lot more meaningful than videos of kittens falling asleep. It’s important to me […]

Must try this out…

Overstream allows you to add captions/subtitles to your YouTube or other videos. Awesome. (UPDATE: Now YouTube allows you to add captions directly to YouTube videos — see the May 2009 blog post here on the topic.)

Accessibility article

Opera developer James Edwards makes a point about AJAX and accessibility. I definitely see, and mostly agree with, his point. But one must consider the subtleties. If a particular user interaction makes a function significantly more simple for most users to understand or interact with, but it’s not accessible, the developer has to do a […]

Who are your users?

No half-decent web developer would tell you that accessibility is not important. But few developers have been fortunate enough to work hands-on with users who have disabilities, and/or the software that they use. I’ve been very fortunate to have experience with lots of assistive technology — in fact, just yesterday, I had a routine eye […]

It’s all about the user, dear.

I find it interesting how web publishing so clearly mirrors print publishing. Perhaps not the advertising model — that’s still in flux in both camps — but the user model. Newspaper editors are concerned with two types of stories: the ones that the readers want to read, and the ones that the readers need to […]

“When Available”: Closed Captioning in iTunes

“With iTunes 7.4…[y]ou can now also play purchased videos with closed captioning (when available)…” So! This is cool. Sort of. Of course, none of the videos in the iTunes store up until now has been captioned, so nothing you’ve bought in the past would apply. I’d love to see a press release about the plans […]

Flash Accessibility

Issues, bugs, workarounds… Of course, the worst bug is that it doesn’t work on the Mac at all…

Cable HDTV, HDMI, and closed captions

We just got a new TV. I’ve had the same 20-something inch tube for enough years that the cabinet has yellowed for being in the window. We got an insanely good deal on a 50-inch plasma, so it was really impossible to pass up. Get home, hook everything up just so. Plug the new HD […]

Whither captions?

I’ve been appalled that iTunes movies and TV shows, Amazon UnBox videos, and most online network content feeds don’t have captions for audio. I understand that there are reasons — just like there were reasons that I didn’t clean my room when I was a kid, or why I didn’t get my project finished on […]