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I am a web developer, librarian, and manager working in an academic library. In fact, I’ve been working as a web developer since 1994, mostly at Brown University and the University of Rhode Island. My passions are information architecture and user experience, LAMP development, and more recently, privacy and social media (yin/yang). Sometimes I speak at conferences and workshops on topics of distributed web publishing, accessibility, social media, and emerging technologies. My educational background includes an A.B. in English from Colby College and an M.L.I.S. from the University of Rhode Island.

I also spent nearly a decade in journalism, as both a writer and an editor. This does not necessarily mean that I spell well, but I’m quite willing to use a dictionary. When someone asks what you can do with a major in English and a concentration in Computer Science, well…I guess this is it. My Twitter name is @kerri9494.

Of course, my opinions are my own, and are quite unlikely to (and never intentionally do) reflect the particular opinions of anyone who employs or otherwise is connected to me.

I’m a dog person, although the pets in our home are of the winged variety. My husband is kind of a rock star (at least in my world), and my teenage son is my favorite noun.