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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Captioned radio?

From my friend Carole at CPB: Audio/visual: Adding captions to NPR to reach a text-based audience I find this wildly exciting!

Job announcement

Want to do web work at MIT, on OpenCourseWare? Awesome job, awesome boss. More…

Trimming, streamlining…

Have you heard about what’s going on at University of Nevada at Reno? Closures: The School of Social Work and related degrees, academic programs and degrees in theater and dance, the degree major in French, the Special Collections Department within the University Libraries, and the Assessment Office. I’m especially concerned about Special Collections. As Universities, […]

Distributed maintenance is killing your higher ed web site

The guy with the ink defines you I’ve been at this higher ed web thing for a few years now (has it really been more than 15?), and have watched the landscape slowly change, from an awe-inducing grey screen peppered by a list of blue links (ah Netscape 1.0) to today’s jQuery libraries that continually […]

Lessons learned from Texas A&M University Social Media Scavenger Hunt |

Lessons learned from Texas A&M University Social Media Scavenger Hunt | —  Wow. Just…wow! That they were able to find the time and resources to do this, bring together all the constituents, the sponsors…I can imagine this was a heroic effort. The technology is already there, ripe for the picking. It’s all about organization, […]

Reasons, goals, and teamwork

@Nick Finck says: When asked to jump, there are those who ask “how high?” & then there are those who ask “why?” Be the person who asks why. I often find, in meetings with my colleagues, that I ask why a lot. And I know that it often comes across as, “Why on Earth would […]

Professors bought out to speak out?

From Libya With Love | Mother Jones — How a US consulting firm used academics from Harvard, the London School of Economics, and Rutgers University to rehab Muammar Qaddafi’s image.

Job posting

My pal Bill is moving on from his post at Wheaton, which means his position will soon be vacant. Interested? It’s for a Web Technologist and System Administrator at Wheaton College in Norton, MA. (Listings are in that horrible PeopleAdmin interface, so you’ll have to poke at it a bit to get to the listing.)