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Monthly Archives: August 2007

The Cool Table

What do Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia; manners expert Letitia Baldrige; astronomer Carl Sagan; author Robin Cook, M.D.; Senator Patrick Moynihan; writer Molly Ivins; the late actor Tony Randall; novelist Erica Jong; and NPR correspondent Nina Totenberg have in common?

Am I a Journalist?

There’s been a good bit of discussion these days regarding journalism — what is it, who’s doing it, are bloggers ‘journalists’ — and it’s got me thinking. OK, honestly, my first thought was, “It’s a semantic discussion, and that’s stupid.” And that’s true. Call yourself what you want, people will nitpick over syntax, and I […]


It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a proper vacation — a few years, in fact. And while our upcoming trip to Banff isn’t going to be a proper vacation (two days of traveling, two days of vacationing), it’s really going to be nice to get away for a little while. Leaving tomorrow morning, […]

The Steve Jobs Intel Question Guy

Bob Keefe, a correspondent for Cox Newspapers, has taken a lot of heat for a stupid question. Stupid question? Yeah, I think it probably was, too (because who didn’t already know the answer?), but how many of you have a direct quotation from Steve Jobs for a news article you’re working on? And a great […]

Flash Accessibility

Issues, bugs, workarounds… Of course, the worst bug is that it doesn’t work on the Mac at all…