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Monthly Archives: May 2007


Is this what Yahoo! Pipes was supposed to be? If so, it’s already better.

And you wonder…

…why it’s difficult to get women to attend IT conferences — much less speak at them? Check out RailsConf2007 (not really SFW…and you don’t have to watch the whole thing — the first 45 seconds is plenty for you to get the idea). I actually know a gentleman who was at the conference, and he […]


I am not going to even think about attempting to discuss what is art and what isn’t. But I do know what illustration is, and I know what GOOD illustration is. And I’ve recently found a bunch of really good illustration on the web. Len over at Jawbone Radio just wrapped up the second installment […]

“Oh sure, RoR will scale…”

From an interview on Radical Behavior: “By various metrics Twitter is the biggest Rails site on the net right now. Running on Rails has forced us to deal with scaling issues – issues that any growing site eventually contends with – far sooner than I think we would on another framework. The common wisdom in […]