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Monthly Archives: February 2007


I’m in love all over again. 🙂 We use Subversion. There’s a remote Subversion server, and folks check out files locally and work on them and then check them back in. But if you’re working on a web project where people outside your group need to see and comment on the results of your project, […]

Pipes — Yahoo!’s AppleScript?

Yahoo! Pipes is getting a lot of press as the latest and greatest web mashup tool. OK, I’ll bite… So I went over to take a peek. First of all, the whole thing is about as intuitive as AppleScript. Which is to say, you know that it’s “simple” to use, because everyone else says so. […]


It’s no secret, I’m a fan of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) development. Not because it’s the most robust platform, or fastest, or whatever, but because it’s seasoned, reasonably fast, and easy to develop for. I can push projects out the door, and they work, and they don’t break. I use XML, too, and that […]


I was a journalist for almost ten years, but the fun and excitement of a byline never wore off. It’s always fun to publish something that you know other people will read, and that might actually *help* someone…give ’em ideas or something. This week, Digital Web published a little thing I wrote about a tool […]

Cool tools

I’ve never been a fan of reinventing the wheel. That said, so many of the F/OSS tools you find on the web are über-customized, and take enough work to bend to your own will that you might as well roll your own. Not so with Simile Timeline from MIT. I’ve been using this on a […]

Are they *completely* insane?

I went to a conference about ‘getting online’ in San Francisco back in 1994 or so. I was working at a glossy magazine, and we were investigating the online world. As an editor, I was using AOL for Windows (which had just come out) for research — it was quicker an easier than calling the […]